LT13 - Blaze Signed Paperback

LT13 - Blaze Signed Paperback

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Signed paperback copy of Blaze, Book 13 of the Linear Tactical Series


Kendrick and Neo's love story, plus the exciting start of the family Dorian and Ray never thought they would have...
Ivy League graduate and computer genius Kendrick Foster, aka Blaze, never expected to find himself putting down permanent roots in a tiny Wyoming town.
But family isn’t always blood, and the Linear Tactical team is very definitely his family. He’s not going anywhere.
Neo LeBarre has always been a loner. Her computer hacking days brought her into contact with Linear Tactical, but she’s never felt like she could fit in here. These people are good, decent, honest.
She’s not.
When her past catches up with her, demanding more than she can possibly pay, Neo will have to turn the heroes surrounding her, especially Kendrick, to help.  If they'll even give her the time of day after what she's done.
There's a danger closing in—one that will threaten to rip them all apart.  

The Linear Tactical family has deep roots.
They're going to need them to survive what’s coming.