GE01 - Broken Crown

GE01 - Broken Crown

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Gilded Empire Book 1 (mafia reverse harem) - narrated by Angelina Rocca, Tor Thom, Sean Masters, Michael Gallagher

Mari Marcosa may be head of her family’s mafia empire, but the new enemy hiding in the shadows is determined to destroy her—piece by piece.
She has no idea who she can trust. 
Until three men become the very foundation of her survival. 
Greyson: Her best friend, her second-in-command, her savior. The one she always needed but couldn’t have.
Dominic: Her new underboss with molten eyes and a smile made for war. He brings out a gentle side in Mari she doesn’t know if she can afford.
Nate: Her good Samaritan who is also a weapon, a killer—she can’t let herself forget that. But resisting him isn’t an option.
These men will burn the world to the ground to keep her safe.
But that may not be enough.