RWR02 - Montana Danger audiobook

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Resting Warrior Ranch Book 2 - narrated by Maxine Mitchell & Grayson Owens

Some mistakes haunt you forever.
Harlan Young knows that from personal experience.  Walking away from Grace Townsend, even with the best intentions and no other choice, still haunts him to this day.
So when he had the chance to return to Montana, and be part of something as special as the Resting Warrior Ranch, he took it. Here he can help train service and emotional support animals for former soldiers with PTSD.
And maybe, just maybe, convince Grace to give him a second chance.
He never expected that second chance to be in the form of a fake marriage in order to save the land she loves so much. But he’ll do it, as well as help fight the danger closing in on her. She thinks she’s alone, but she’s wrong.
She knew him as a boy, but now he's a man. And real men don’t run.