OC1 - Hero Unbound Signed Paperback

OC1 - Hero Unbound Signed Paperback

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Signed paperback copy of Hero Unbound, book 1 of the Heroes of Oak Creek Series


Eva Dempsey is out of options.

She’s made it to Oak Creek, Wyoming with two traumatized dogs, twenty dollars, and a fear of damned near everything. 
Things that didn’t make it with her?  Her self-esteem, confidence, or any way of supporting herself.
Theo Lindstrom knows how to survive. He proved it as a child when he had to keep himself and sister alive in the wilderness. Now he runs Linear Tactical, the company his adoptive father helped create, and teaches survival skills to others.
So he recognizes the desperation in the eyes of the petite beauty who’s pulled into town, and knows there’s more to her story than she’s letting on.
He normally keeps to himself—for very good reasons—but he can’t this time. Something about Eva draws him in a way he can’t resist, even knowing she’s got secrets. The deadly kind.
When the danger she's running from shows up, Theo’s not going to let her fight it alone.
This is his town.
This is his woman.

And he’ll protect both to his last breath.